Waste Force WF-100 Model


Features & Benefits

This model is ideal for homes with single people or for those with very tight space who need a compact unit. Check out these 20 important features that make Waste Force a great performing product with a long life. Many of these are not available on competing brands or only found on far more expensive units:
✔  10-Year unit warranty – for great peace of mind
✔  1/2 hp (375 w) power – to deliver great grinding power
✔  DC Permanent magnet motor- to prevent jams whilst running
✔  4,000 rpm start speed – provides power burst to prevent jams on starting
✔  2,800 rpm running speed – to process waste quickly and prevent jams
✔  Slimline compact size – for tight spaces under the sink
✔  Cast stainless steel impellers – the strongest ever (same as ships’ propellers) for long life
✔  Stainless steel grinding ring – to stay sharp for years
✔  Lifetime corrosion warranty – for peace of mind
✔  Balanced turntable & armature – to prevent vibration and quiet operation
✔  Power overload safety protector – quick shut off in case any non food item drops in
✔  Removeable splashguard – for ease of cleaning
✔  Built-in air-switch – to ensure your safety during operation
✔  Partial SoundSure insulation – to reduce running noise
✔  BEAB Plug fitted – for quick and safe installation
✔  MountMaster locking system – for quick and easy installation
✔  Corrosion proof dishwasher inlet – for easy plumbing
✔  Reputable manufacturer – who has made waste disposers for over 20 years
✔  Recycled packaging – good for the environment
✔  Many stockists nationwide – for rapid delivery and installation


Grinding Power cf to ISE Evolution 200

Number of shops selling Waste Force

No of Years Warranty on Unit


Size compared to ISE Evolution 200

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