The Longest Warranties on The Market

We stand full square behind our claim to be the most reliable disposers on the market by offering a 10 year warranty on all our units – the only sub-£200 priced units on the market to do so.   Most competing brands offer a measly 2 years maybe a bit more if you are lucky!   But don’t take our word for it – check out the competition, it really is embarrassing.   Even the top of the range market leading ISE Evolution 200 model only offers a poultry 6 years and that sells for more than 3 times the price of the WF-100 unit.  Why is that?  Probably because there is plenty to go wrong with the fancy electronics on it.  Putting delicate electronics on a piece of equipment that shakes strongly is not a good idea from an engineering point of view.  I should know as I am a Chartered Engineer and I have designed many items of process equipment during my career. 

As if that wasn’t enough we also provide a Lifetime Corrosion Warranty (LCW) against any leakage of the body resulting from corrosion.  This is important since corrosion is one of the biggest causes of failure for waste disposers and something we come across every week when customers come to us needing replacements.

Buying a Waste Force disposal unit is not something you’ll regret – guaranteed.   Now that is what I call real genuine gold plated “peace-of-mind”!