Install a New Garbage Disposal UnitThe thought of installing your new garbage disposal unit can be terrifying. After all, isn’t it too technical for you to perform?

What if I do it wrong? What if I broke my device while installing it?!

These are all valid questions. Installing a new garbage disposal unit may prove to be a challenge especially if you don’t have any related experience about dealing with equipments and home repair tools.

But it is possible for you to install your disposal unit by yourself. However, you may want to call an electrician and a plumber for support.

(Note: Wear protective gear (i.e. masks and goggles) during this process)

Here’s a step by step guide in installing your disposal unit:

  1. Turn off any electrical circuit that may hamper your installation. Lock the panel box if you have to.
  2. Start by removing the strainer from the bowl. This is where you’ll attach the disposer.
  3. Remove the strainer body. After doing this, you should be able to see a hole at the bottom of the sink bowl.
  4. Roll a plumber’s putty and encircle it around the base of the disposer flange.
  5. Place the disposer flange in the sink hole, pressing it deep.
  6. Get the gasket and install it in the upper and lower mounting rings of the flange.
  7. Snap the retaining ring in place.
  8. Locate the 3 screws in the lower mounting ring and tighten them until the flange is firmly seated in place.
  9. Part of your disposal unit’s package is an instructional material on how to attach it. Attach the disposer to the flange following your manufacturer’s directions.
  10. Get the washer or gasket included in the package and use it to attach the discharge tube to the discharge opening in the side of the unit.
  11. If a dishwasher is supposed to be attached to the unit, knock out its plug first using a screwdriver then clamp the dishwasher discharge tub.
  12. Install the drain lines.

It is ideal to have a separate circuit installed for your disposer but if this seemed impractical and you have a dishwasher, then you can just tie it to the dishwasher circuit.

One of the biggest challenges at this point is to ensure that you have a safe electrical wiring and that the main circuit where you attached your disposer is not overloaded.

Before you test your newly installed disposal unit, have an electrician double check your wiring to be sure.

Should there be any problems with the connection, it’s best to address it while you are not yet using the unit.

Also have an inspector check your overall work. This will ensure that you missed nothing important during the installation process.

After an electrician and inspector give you their go signal then your device is ready to go.

The most important thing you have to consider when deciding to personally install the unit is whether you’re willing to do it yourself or not. If you don’t trust that you can perform every step properly, then better call professional assistance.

Have you tried installing your own disposal unit? How was it?