Waste Force Products – Specifications

Waste Force currently have two models in their range, the WF-100 1/2 hp model and the WF-200 3/4 hp model.   Both models are made by the same manufacturer who has been making waste disposal units for over 20 years but the specification on the WF-200 is higher.  Here are the differences:

1. Power – Although the rated power is only 50% higher due to the physics of the rotational energy it actually converts into 125% extra torque (twisting power) at the impellers.  This means that food can be processed much quicker and any especially any tough items – like bones – can be ground up quicker with no holdups.  If you do a lot of entertaining or have a household that is bigger than two people then the WF-200 is the size to go for unless space is very tight.

2. Size – The WF-100 model is a more compact unit and so suitable for places where space is tight under the sink.  Because of the location of the half-bowl it can sometimes not leave enough space to fit the WF-200 unit.  The options here are to go for the WF-100 model or to cut a hole in the cupboard side to allow the wider part of the unit to fit through.  See the datasheets below to get the exact dimensions and check to see what space you have available before you buy.

3. Noise – The bigger unit also has more space to put more sound insulating material in and so will be quieter.  The smaller unit is designed to be as compact as possible and so has less insulation.

4. Impeller material – Due to the higher forces at work the WF-200 uses a cast stainless steel impeller which is the strongest known material (the same as ship’s propellers).  The WF-100 uses a stamped stainless impeller.

5. Cost – The WF-100 unit is a cheaper model but the reduction is not significant.

Conclusion – Unless space is limited and you are not able to cut through the supporting cupboard unit wall to make room for it we always recommend purchasing the more powerful unit.  For a little bit more investment it is well worth the benefits outlined above.

Datasheets – click image to open and download pdfs.

WF-100 Data Sheet v1

WF-200 Data Sheet v1