Waste Force WF-100 UnitWhy is there a need to install a garbage disposal unit?

What’s in it for you?

If you’ve been wondering why garbage disposal units are becoming an important part of the typical American household, then you must have been considering getting or trying one for yourself.

Garbage disposal units have several benefits which are not just limited to environmental pros.

If you decide to install one, you’ll also be able to avail of the following benefits:

  1. Easier means to dispose food wastes


The most popular issue of families when it comes to dealing with food wastes is the process of disposing them off. Without a garbage disposal unit, you’ll be forced to settle to temporarily placing the food wastes on plastic bags and dump them on your trash bin until the garbage collector arrives.


This will eventually cause discomfort in your place since discarded food wastes will soon produce bad odor.

Moreover, you will also attract unwanted attention from crawling insects like ants.


  1. Lesser risk of clogged plumbing system


Without a garbage disposal unit responsible for chopping and grinding food wastes to smaller pieces, you’ll risk clogging your pipes when chunks of food accidentally go down your sink.

This even becomes a bigger problem as accumulated foods stuck on pipes can soon prevent your sink from flushing down water, ultimately rendering your sink non-functional.

When this happens, you will have to call for a technician or a plumber to fix the pipe.

With a garbage disposal unit in place, you will not worry about this so much. You get to choose what horsepower fits the demand of your workload. There are things which shouldn’t be flushed down your disposal unit, but when it comes to handling food wastes, it’s a practical pick.


  1. Best-value usage of water and electricity supply


Since it’s an add-on device, will it then spike up our electricity bills?

Hardly. The water consumed by your disposal unit only amounts to 1% of your total water expenditure while the total electricity it consumes more or less amounts to only 50 cents

If you take into consideration the benefits you’ll get with its corresponding electrical consumption, you know it’s worth it.

Of course, aside from the personal benefits you’ll get from installing a garbage disposal unit you’ll also be able to contribute to the environmental benefits it can give to your community as a whole.

For instance, the byproduct produced by the garbage disposal units can be processed at the treatment plants to transform it to fertilizer. Fertilizers can be an income-generating product if you sell it thus, lowering the processing cost paid by consumers when they decide to have it processed locally.

Also, it will help lower your city’s demand for more vehicles to be used for transporting these food wastes to landfills.

Garbage disposal units are assets to every household. If used well, you can reap the benefits it offers you for years to come.

Do you have any garbage disposal unit at home? What’s the most notable benefit you’re getting from it?

Let’s hear your experience!