Who needs weekly bin collections when you have a waste disposer?

Wow what a surprise!  The Daily Mail yesterday reported that the lying politicians who the country only elected not even 6 months ago have already broken yet another one of their election promises.   This one was to restore weekly bin collections which has proven a source of great annoyance in many areas of the country where councils are making cost savings.  The terrible smells and mess from plastic bin bags (whether broken or not) is creating great health hazards all over the country since vermin and insects are attracted to the rotting organic vegetable matter.  Rats, flies and other unwanted creatures carry a whole host of diseases and now that they have a plentiful food source to feed on will massively increase this hazard right on your doorstep!

There is a great solution to this growing problem.  Install a Waste-Force food disposer.  It is quick and easy to install and simply sits under your sink.  The next time you prepare or clear-up food just throw the waste down the sink and press the safety air-switch button and turn on the tap.  Within seconds all the waste is gone leaving your kitchen clean, odour and hazard free.  Now there is no reason to collect the bins weekly or even biweekly since there is only inorganic waste in it now that won’t rot of smell.  What could be simpler?  After my microwave I rate it as the most useful appliance in my kitchen and would be lost without it.  It makes perfect sense – after all you wouldn’t flush your toilet once every week would you, so why do the same with putricible food waste which can be covered in dangerous bacteria just as fast?  It is like having a daily bin collection!