Waste Force Food DisposerHow do you know that the garbage disposal unit you like to have is the right one for you?

Remember that different disposal units have different designs and what you may want to have may not exactly what you’ll need for your home.

Understanding the features of the disposal unit will be a great help in your decision making. To start, you can begin by answering the following questions:

  • How big is your family?
  • How often do you expect to use the disposal unit?
  • Do you have kids at home?

Your answers to these questions will be helpful once we get down to the basic features every disposal unit has.

Ready your checklist and check out these things you need to look out for before buying a disposal unit.

Motor size

Disposal units come in different motor sizes/ horsepower (1/2, 1/3, ¾, and 1 horsepower). To know what size is right for you require you to identify the size of your family and the frequency by which you’ll be using your unit.

For instance, if you’re only two or three in the family, then a ½ horsepower unit will just be fine. This is also good for vocational houses wherein traffic is expected to be minimal. If you have a larger family however, 1 horsepower will be appropriate.

¾ and 1 horsepower units provide smoother pulverization of food wastes and are common in a family setting (small and big respectively).

Feed Type

There are two general types of feed: continuous and batch feed

Continuous feed type is the most common type you’ll see in American household and is easier to use. It’s an open-mouth feed the grinds food by simply turning it on or off using a wall switch.

Batch feed is the more expensive type. It has a hopper chamber where you place the food waste and a stopper lid that activates the grinder. This is considered as the safer choice especially for those who have kids and those who have a difficult time keeping their hands off the grinder.

Materials where the unit is made of

Disposal units with stainless steel grinding chamber are considered to be more long lasting compared to those made of plastic and galvanized steel.

Stainless steel can be more expensive but with the right usage, you’ll get what you paid for.

Size of your under-sink

The size of a garbage disposal is relevant to its motor size so those with higher horsepower have bigger sizes. If your home has a small under-sink area, you may have to compromise for another size that will fit just right.


While not part of the physical features of your garbage disposal unit, warranty plays a vital role in deciding what brand to purchase. Later on when your unit malfunctions, your warranty will be your manufacturer’s promise that they will help you on basic repairs or replacements as needed.

Be sure to understand what your warranty covers and what not.

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