Fatal if ignoredAccidents happen everywhere.

Regardless if it happens outdoor or indoor, the outcome can be fatal if not handled well. In our homes, one of the areas that have a notorious reputation of causing accidents and even bringing people to emergency rooms is our kitchen.

While we enjoy spending quality time with our family in the kitchen – cooking up something delectable for dinner – it’s important to keep in mind that the kitchen contains materials that can potentially harm us if not handled well.

Knives, improperly discarded cans and hot frying pans are only some of the things that can make us running to grab that first aid kit we keep in our rooms.

Being mindful is important and knowing what to watch out for will help. Below are common kitchen accidents anyone may experience from time to time. Be warned!


Right and left, up and down, sharp objects lay hanging and unattended. It’s practically easy to get cut while staying in the kitchen if not careful enough. It’s advisable to immediately attend to a cut regardless of how small to avoid possible infections.

Getting cut from something rusty for instance might have a more fatal effect when not cleaned and treated immediately.


Cooking gloves are not created for nothing. It’s there to protect you from burns caused by handling hot frying pans, kettle and the like. Unfortunately, a lot don’t seem to care about protecting themselves and end up suffering from burns.

Applying ointments may be enough for minor burns. However, major burns such as that of a third degree burn might require immediate hospitalization.

Slips due to spills

It’s easy to spill liquid all over the kitchen especially if we’re washing dishes or preparing foods. Most slips happen due to unnoticed or unattended spillover on the area.

The very first time you notice any spillover, wipe it immediately with a rag or cloth.



Typical American kitchen has some cabinets situated just above the sink or main cooking area for easier access to condiments and other materials needed for cooking.

But while the arrangement offers ease and convenience, it also exposes you to the risk of getting hit by falling objects. If the cabinets require you to climb up using a chair, then you may be at risk of falling down yourself.


Since our kitchens contain a lot of materials, foods and condiments we keep on cabinets and drawers, contamination is a possibility. If you’re not careful enough to take note of the expiration dates of the foods such as instant noodles that you keep, then you might risk ingesting an expired product.

Also, liquid substances such as soy sauce or vinegar which are not covered properly can mix with other substances and can contaminate them.


Aside from being one which can cause huge damage to both lives and properties, a lot of fire cases reported in households originate from the kitchen.

Be sure to fix problems on your cooking units before you use it again. Faulty electrical wirings or using broken unit (like rice cooker or heater) can start a fire.

Have you ever experienced any of the things mentioned above? How did you deal with them?